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Issues Addressed with Success and More (24 Years’ Experience)
MTU Weight Loss, Virtual Gastric Band, Stop Smoking, Vaping, Chewing, Confidence, Self Esteem, Anxiety, Public Speaking, Habits, Addictions, Stress, Social Anxiety, Panic Attacks, PTSD, Phobias, Sports Optimization-Performance, Pain Management, Learning, Memory, Test Anxiety, Focus-Concentration, Pain Mgmt., Health Related Issues, Procrastination, Time Management

Smoking – Vaping – Tobacco Chewing (Nicotine Related)
MTU Hypnosis addresses “the cause – the urge – the craving – the triggers” to use nicotine products which is one of the most important pivotal steps to resolving the habit. LEARN MORE

Weight Loss: 3 Options – Evidence based-Proven results!
*MTU: Mind Training UnlimitedHypnosis – comprehensive mind/body protocol built to address Binge Eating/Drinking, Exercise, Eating Habits, Self-Sabotage, Stress Factors, External Influences, Exercise, Confidence, Feeding Emotion, Carb. Reduction, Mind-Body Warring vs Teaming, Getting To the Goal – Finishing, Self Hypnosis.
VGB: Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis –A powerful hypno-weight loss technique used to simulate the effect of gastric band surgery.

Stress – Anxiety -Panic Attacks (Stress Mgmt. Consultant)
Excessive Worry, Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Public Speaking, Phobias, PTSD, Test Prep. & Test Anxiety. LEARN MORE

Confidence, Self Esteem, Public Speaking
Social Anxiety, Reaching Goals, Overcoming Challenges/Fears, Self- Sabotage, Procrastination, Time Management, Sports.

Heights, Flying, Driving, Bridges, Elevators, Claustrophobia, Needles, Social Anxiety/Interactions, Public Speaking, Job Interviewing, Test Anxiety, Focus, Concentration, Learning, Memory, Medical-Dental Procedures-Anxiety. LEARN MORE

Nail Biting, Teeth Grinding – Clenching, Smoking, Vaping, Chewing-Dipping Tobacco, Nervous Tics, Skin Picking, Self Abuse, Anger Mgmt., Trichotillomania, Alcohol, Drugs.

Sports – Athletic Optimization (Cert: Mental Training Coach) (Bd. Cert.: Advanced Hypnotherapy)
Advanced Hypnosis, Confidence, Goal Getting, Surmounting Self-Sabotage-Fears-Prior Injuries, Maximizing Focus & Concentration, Golf, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Track, Hockey, Figure Skating, Skiing, Gymnastics, Cheerleading. Horse Riding Competitions.

Health Issues (Spec. Cert. Comp. Medical Hypnotherapy)
Skin Rashes, Nervous Stomach, Panic Attacks, Stress Mgmt., IBS, Injections/ Blood Draw Phobia, Tension Headaches, Blood Pressure, Pain Mgmt., Pre-Post Surgery Jitters, Childbirth/Hypno-Birthing.      


Weight Loss Coupon
Weight Loss surgery without the knife!
It’s not a dream, it’s Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy(VGBH)

Stop Smoking Coupon
“If not for MTU Hypnosis, I’d still be a smoker. Haven’t gained weight either, even with friends who smoke in front of me” – Kathy R

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