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Hypnotherapy -

Hypnosis Classes, Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Habits, Phobias, Self Empowerment
Trained:Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis -

A powerful hypnotechnique used to simulate the effect of gastric band surgery.

Stress Management Consultant -

Public Speaking, Panic Attacks, Confidence, Memory, Associated Medical Issues

Mental Training Coach -

Focus, Concentration, Self Sabotage, Confidence, Overcoming Fear, Sports Improvement

Complimentary Medical Hypnosis -

Headaches, IBS, Hypertension, Potentiating Medicines, Hypnobirthing, Pain Management

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Weight Loss Coupon

Weight Loss surgery without the knife!
It's not a dream, it's Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy(VGBH)

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"If not for MTU Hypnosis, I'd still be a smoker. Haven't gained weight either, even with friends
who smoke in front of me"
Kathy R

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