What to Look For or Look Out For

What to look for in a hypnotherapist

  1. Is Board Certified
  2. Is affiliated with a professional hypnotherapy organization
  3. Provides credible testimonials from prior clients
  4. Offers a FREE consultation
  5. Tailors the session to suit your particular needs
  6. Is trained in self-hypnosis or auto-hypnosis techniques
  7. Dedicates practice to hypnosis

What to look out for in a hypnotherapist

  1. Has minimal experience in the field
  2. Is unable to assess for optimal results
  3. Fails to inquire and address any fears you may have concerning hypnosis
  4. Does not provide a soundtrack of your session, even if you request one
  5. Does the same stock session for all clients with the same issue or problem
  6. Lack of credible references & future contact information